Friday Favorites

Trying something new today and sharing my current favorites!  These are the things I'm OBSESSED with lately.  And FYI - some of them are ON SALE!  

Both the jeans I've shared have been heavy regulars, and I get tons of asks about them.  The J Brand flared jeans make EVERYONE'S legs look super long and are so very comfortable!  They are a season or so old so I included several links!  My favorite J.Crew skinny shorts (aka the ones I posted about here that you need to order in at least one size smaller than your usual) are also on super sale!  I have them in pink, white, and gingham.   

My new tennis shoes make me unbelievably happy - I guess they could be called Millenial Pink?  I have these Toms wedges in probably 6 colors.  They are so unbelievably comfortable!  I have also worn Rainbow flip flops for wayyyy too long.  My mom finally snatched my pair from college that I was STILL WEARING (I graduated in 2007) and bought me a new pair to replace them!  

I try to stretch the use of my normal makeup by adding BeautyCounter oil and liquid bronzer to them.  Perfect for summer skin!  Finally - my BeautyCounter sunscreen.. It is literally the only thing that doesn't break me out.