My Apologies

Yikes.  It has almost been a full month since I've written.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this has not been an uneventful month.  I meant to write many times, but blamed exhaustion or "other things to do" for why I didn't.

While talking with one of my closest friends last night, the real reason I haven't written blurted out of my mouth.  I am so enjoying living this weird, wonderful life that I haven't wanted to take the time to sit down and write about it: I've just wanted to keep living it, seeing what is next.

This is a TERRIBLE thing for a wannabe blogger to admit, and I apologize to my beloved readers (all 12 of you).  All I have been willing to share are the snapshots of my life - via instagram.  Instagram is a beautiful vessel to share the images and short captions of what is going on - blogging, in the way that I want to continue doing it, requires sitting down and taking time to process.  I admit - I haven't fully processed the cool shit that has been going on with me for the last month.  I am still fairly sure I am going to wake up and it is going to be May 1 and all of this will have been a dream.  

In a nutshell: I fell in love with the crazy pace of a new job, met some incredible humans, got to spend more hours around the horse racing industry I adore, appreciated my beloved dogs on a whole new level, and also got to go to the revered Derby Winner's Circle for the first time in my 33 years.  To say there is a lot to process over the past 30 or so days is an understatement.

So, I again apologize.  All I am currently capable of sharing is this short missive and the many Instagram snapshots into this wild ride (pun intended).  Stay tuned, I swear I'm coming back.  In the meantime, enjoy the haphazard glimpses into my crazy via Instagram