Sunday Session - Seinfeld

I've been a bit absent, a combination of reasons.  Started a new seasonal job, the weather has been cold (which makes me withdraw), and I've been in a bit of a funk.

I've found myself easily annoyed and craving crappy food - sure signs I need to take a break and recalibrate.  I don't love routine, but I do love having a few things set in stone that I work around.  The first thing I realize is that I had gotten myself used to a pattern of endorphin-inducing exercise classes.  I haven't quite found the right pattern yet of how to reintroduce them, but I know I need to.  I also haven't been walking my dogs as much, mostly due to the cold.  It is such a toss up for me: do you want the endorphins you know come with walking your pups enough to brave the cold?  Usually, my dislike of being cold wins out.  Again - something I know I need to break.

2017 came with a lot of ups and downs that caused a lot of reflection and introspection.   Growth, physical and emotional, can be painful.  It is sometimes hard to let go of things you felt were hard truths.  The past few weeks, I've found myself turning to some of my comforts that I didn't even realize were comforts.  On a night I knew I needed quiet time with my dogs to get my head back straight, I found myself searching my DVDs for one in particular.  This particular DVD I hadn't watched in at least 5 years, though it had been a constant on my super sweet giant box TV (with a combo VCR and DVD player) in college: Jerry Seinfeld Live On Broadway: I'm Telling You For the Last Time.  My college friend Mary had introduced me to this delightful DVD our freshman year, and the amount of time it spent in that Box TV's DVD player is a little embarrassing.  

I searched my DVDs that night and couldn't find it - I was heartbroken.  So I poured myself a glass of Cab and did what I do best: scoured the internet.  I found the DVD easily enough on Amazon and immediately placed an order.  Clearly, I didn't even need to ask my shopping gatekeeper Tam because this was a necessity and a replacement.  I then stumbled into something wonderful: I'm Telling You For the Last Time is on Netflix.  I immediately gathered my dogs and plopped on the couch.  It holds up, I laughed just as hard as I did every time I watched in college!  The only disappointment is that on Netflix they don't show the bonus question and answer session at the end, which happens to be my favorite.  Not to worry, the DVD has safely arrived!

What is my point in sharing this?  I am glad I took that night and reconnected with something so simple that makes me laugh so much.  My mood was noticeably lighter the next day, solely because of this simple return to something that not only reminds me of a great time with great people in my life, but truly makes me laugh.  I rewound and watched Seinfeld's skit on the Olympics at least 4 times, my abs hurting from giggles.  I hope you have something like this that you turn to when you are down!