40 Bags Declutter Challenge

I read about the 40 Bags in 40 Days Declutter Challenge from several friends on Facebook.  It goes along with 40 days of Lent and you clear out a bag of clutter every single day.  There is a detailed plan on the site I linked to above.

While I like the plan, I wanted to tweak it to make it my own.  I am following the "tackle one area a day to declutter" part of the plan.  However, I hate the idea of just getting rid of items without trying to find someone or an organization that could use them.  So as I sort, I am placing things into categories that could have homes found for them later!   

One of the big things that I need to declutter is my closet.  As you know from my no-shop February post,  I have a bit of a want-versus-need shopping problem.  I was recently discussing this with a friend and she said, "Wait.  You don't just buy things you need?"  Once I recovered from my laughing fit, I realized she was serious.  She buys things she needs mostly, fewer things she wants.  Mind. Blown.  I love clothes.  And makeup.  And household tchotchkes.  And dog clothes.  Most of these things are not necessities in the least!  

As I've talked about before, one ways that has helped me combat this want vs need clothes shopping issue is my Rent The Runway Unlimited subscription.  I cannot sing its praises enough - it allows me to wear the high-end designer pieces I would normally want to splurge on and then send them back without dry cleaning for a monthly subscription fee.  YAAAAS!

I have started tackling my closet and took a bunch of items to Stella's Resale Boutique, my favorite consignment store.  Today, I took it a step further and sorted my closet with a much stricter "When Was The Last Time I Wore This" eye.  I have started to put some items onto Poshmark and will continue to do so!  If you see anything you like in my Poshmark closet, email me and let me know!  We can skip the shipping fees and such!  

In addition to this declutter challenge, I am extending my No-Shop February through the end of Lent.  Yes, you read that correct.  No, I have not been kidnapped and brainwashed.  I truly want to declutter and in the process save a little money to help pay for some vet bills and dog training!  I have enlisted my friend Tamara, whose brain works very methodically and analytically unlike mine, to be my shopping judge.  She can tell me if yes, I am allowed to buy something because it is a "need" versus just me wanting to try the latest Urban Decay Palette from Sephora just because I love makeup.  

Dang, I feel like a real adult.  It kind of sucks.  But it's also kind of awesome.. :)