Willie Wednesday - Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers!

My boys have been KILLING it with the cuteness lately, so I wanted to share a few pictures of them for Willie Wednesday AND my picks for Valentine's Day (or any day): for the dog lover in your life AND FOR THE CANINE!

If the dog lover in your life is crafty (or if you are like me and buying these things for yourself..) this personalized cross-stitch of the dogs of your choosing cannot be beat.  I've got one I'm working on of my boys (recognize anyone in the link?) and a few of my friends have ordered of their dogs as well!  

My little gremlin, ready to be cross-stitched.  

My little gremlin, ready to be cross-stitched.  

I recently upgraded all of my boys' collars to these, that have their names engraved on the buckles.  This saves the headache of the tag jangle!   My boys' collars say their name then "Call My Mom!" and my phone number.  

For the dog mom, fun apparel is always appreciated:

For the dog, I can't stop giggling at this "Puppy Uppers" dog treat jar!  My boys have about 4 beds per dog at any given time, not including the actual human beds they help themselves to, so cozy dog beds are always a win in my book!  

Next, some of my most favorite gifts have been little things for my home that people have given me that have some sort of silly dog message.  I have compiled some of my favorite:

For those of us in the bluegrass, I found these treats and think my dogs may be getting them as a present..

Finally, I love this doormat.  Everyone that comes to my home laughs when they see it, then see all my boys (and the various visiting canines) and says, "Ohhh.  You meant it."

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