Friday Favorites - 1.26.2018

Happy Friday, everyone!  I've got some great favorites to share this week!

First, if you follow me on instagram you have probably noticed that I wear a particular sweater from Everlane often.  The Cashmere Crop V-Neck is my most favorite of many sweaters I have from Everlane: I own it in red, pink, cream, and black.  It is super soft, a flattering fit, and only $100 for cashmere!  (Thank you, Courtney of Courting Style for taking the pics below!)

This week, I finished an EXCELLENT book that kept me up reading past my bed time too many times!  Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate is a fictional account based on experiences from the Tennessee Children's Home Society Orphanage.  The Orphanage was a real life organization, that started with good intentions.  Georgia Tann began running it in the mid-1920s and was praised for her work in de-stigmatizing adoption.  She placed children with many wealthy families, including Joan Crawford!  In reality, she brokered adoptions and profited greatly from her morally deplorable tactics that included kidnapping and defrauding poor and uneducated mothers WHILE UNDER ANESTHESIA in the hospital!  As if the true story isn't interesting enough, Wingate weaves a tale of the Foss family.  The Foss family are "river rats" that live on a shanty boat.  When the story opens, they are anchored near Mud Island in Memphis.  There are already 5 children, and the mother is in labor with surprise twins.  The midwife insists that the mother MUST go to the hospital.  Begrudgingly, the father takes her leaving Rill (the oldest) in charge.  The next day, authorities come and take the 5 children off the boat, promising that they will be taken to their parents.  As you can guess, they are not and the story unfolds in a present-past format that in enthralling.  I lost a lot of sleep due to an inability to put the book down this week, so I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

Finally, my dogs have been taking up a lot of my focus and time this week.  I am super grateful that I have an amazing veterinarian that listened to my concerns about my sweet Chico Bear.  Chico started on thyroid medicine and prozac last week to help combat his dementia and the aggression issues we've been dealing with.  It is working so well, it has made me so happy!  We got our Dapper Dog Box yesterday, and I am LOVING spoiling my dogs with it!  There is something for each boy in this box - a bowtie for Willie, toys for Dingo, and treats for Chico (and the others - but Chico loves the treats the most!).  Get Yours Here!

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