Sunday Confessional - and a recipe?

Last night, two girlfriends came over to drink wine (well, two of us did) and watch the UK game.  Time got away from me, as I was trying to figure out why my SlingTV had sound but no picture (broken HDMI cable.  I am an idiot), so I slapped together a sad little salad to eat before they arrived.  I had several glasses of wine, and when they left I did something I am a little ashamed to admit: I ordered Domino's.  

I alluded to my own inability to fully admit when my eating habits are unhealthy and out of control in my first Admire Greatly post about Joyce Duncan.  (Follow Joyce) I think a lot of women struggle with this and don't like to admit their unhealthy habits.  So, I wanted to write this as an attempt to fulfill my promise of more honesty.

I LOVE DOMINO'S.  It is my comfort food and guilty pleasure.  I am pretty sure the pathway to heaven is paved with Domino's Parmesan Bites... Not the point!  The point is, I sat there and ate the entire 16 piece portion of bites and then helped myself to 3 pieces of pizza and ranch dressing (another personal demon of mine), WHILE FINISHING MY WINE.  (Side note?  The 19 Crimes Uprising Red is FANTASTIC).  

This morning, I felt puffy and slightly hungover.  I'm not sure if it was the wine or the sodium or a wicked combination of both. I forced myself to drink some water and take my dogs on a short walk, then went to the University of Louisville basketball game.  There, I ate another guilty pleasure: a hot dog with pickles.  (if you have never had a hotdog with cheap pickles, you are missing out.  I'm not talking about relish.  I mean pickles).  I got home, and made myself take my two bigger dogs for a walk.  I came home still hungry (as is usually the case when I go off the rails - crap food tends to beget more crap food for me) and finished off the pizza WITH MORE RANCH.  Then, as one could expect, I didn't feel great so I cuddled in on the couch with Willie and Dingo.

cuddle dogs.jpeg

While on the couch, I went down a rabbit hole of comparison.  On instagram, I wondered how I would ever get as many followers as the successful bloggers I follow.  I even screenshot a pic of a particularly lithe instagrammer to my friend Courtney and whined that I wished I looked like that.  Courtney talked me down and reminded me that I've been relatively happy with how I look lately, so I bit the bullet and admitted that I ordered Domino's solo and perhaps thats why I was in a shame spiral.  

She helpfully reminded me that I am allowed to enjoy food, especially when it is something I love as much as she knows I love Domino's (she has been a bemused participant in my Parmesan bite addiction in the past).  Buoyed by the memory of our healthy food run to Costco on Friday, I peeled myself off the couch and surveyed my refrigerator.  I found a frozen salmon filet I had gotten, dug up a recipe I had saved, and got down my Instant Pot.  I LOVE MY INSTANT POT.  It is perhaps my favorite Christmas present I got, and I am fully aware that saying that makes me and old fuddy-duddy and I DO NOT CARE.  

Wanting to make something super healthy to set my body back to a modicum of right after the weekend binge fest I subjected it to, I made Lemon Salmon and Cauliflower Rice Risotto.  This was my first time making salmon (FROM FROZEN) in the instant pot, and I am so pleased with how it turned out I could squeal.  I basically followed this recipe from SuperHealthyKids, but added a few tweaks.  I used chicken bone broth instead of water and used 1/2 a cup instead of 3/4.  I also used more lemon juice, 1/2 cup instead of 1/4.  I also added a little pat of garlic ghee butter under the lemon slices and clearly used extra garlic, because I LOVE GARLIC.  To make the cauliflower rice risotto, I sautéed cauliflower rice (I buy the bagged fresh kind, near the bagged salads, instead of frozen) with garlic ghee butter, green onions, garlic, and some bone broth to keep it from burning.  When it was hot, I stirred in some powdered parmesan cheese.  When the Instant Pot turned to the timer (follow the recipe!), I put powdered parmesan on the cauliflower and then transferred the oven-safe skillet with the cauliflower rice into the oven from the stove.  I had preheated it to broil, so it would only take a bit of time (4 minutes) to brown and crisp a bit!  

I am not a food blogger or photographer, clearly.  But! It did taste amazing!

I am not a food blogger or photographer, clearly.  But! It did taste amazing!

It turned out so much yummier than I had thought it would!  Salmon from FROZEN.  I am in love with my Instant Pot and cooking this very healthy meal, definitely turned around my bad feelings!  Thanks for listening, and I promise to keep up the honesty!

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