Lavender Fields Forever - Friday Favorites 7.14.17

Hi, my name is Cathy and I am a lavender addict.  I love fresh lavender and I love the scent.  I seem to be extra delicious to mosquitos and I SWEAR that adding lavender oil to my regimen has helped repel the little bloodsuckers.  

I have been straight up obsessed with Sabon's Lavender Body Oil since I stumbled upon their adorable store in Chicago.  You can get their body oil here.  

I am also in love with the entire Mrs. Meyer's line - their lavender scent is a bit softer, but their fabric softener and detergent are one of the only scented ones I can use without risking a full body breakout!  My friend Kendall also turned me on to a natural bug spray that smells pretty good and doesn't make me break out either!

Here are some of my favorites below: