The Shower Principle

It's been a weird summer over here at Dog Lady Horse Crazy.  I've found myself coping by using my usual method of dealing with something that is too big to figure out immediately: employing the shower principle.

I learned about the shower principle from my holy grail of learning new information - sitcom television.  30 Rock is one of my most favorite television shows of all time, I will have seen an episode 12 times and still laugh uncontrollably.  Anyway, in this particular episode (aptly titled The Shower Principle) Jack is looking for a solution to his problem and explains to my heroine, Liz Lemon, that he is trying to distract himself to find an answer:  “moments of inspiration that occur when the brain is distracted from the problem at hand–for example, when you’re showering.”

When I saw this episode back when it first aired, I had an aha moment.  This is exactly how I tend to approach problems that don't have an immediate solution.  I always blamed my self-diagnosed borderline ADD!  When I have something going on that I need to allow myself to think through, I tend to do ANYTHING else to keep myself distracted.  

This, coupled with my seeming inability to say no, is how I end up being a part of a lot of events.  What better way to keep myself distracted from the real problem I'm facing than to dive into another situation with easier to solve issues?  

Let me tell you - this works.  I can't tell you how many times I have gotten stuck, taken the dogs for a quick walk and had a solution come to me while wrestling with a dog poop bag.  (My life is very glamorous, in case you were wondering.)

So, while I'm trying to figure some larger things out - I will be writing a lot more.