Don't Cry For Me, I Lived In Argentina

I have always loved to travel - the need to go places and see things drives me.  I was lucky enough to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina between my sophomore and junior year of college.  I had my appendix taken out there, but that is a story for another day.

Starting in March 2007 (my senior year), I began to have what can only be described as mini panic attacks when it came to adulting.  My degree was in finance and international business and I began to realize that perhaps I was in over my head.  So I did what any rational college student would do: booked a flight post graduation to Buenos Aires and rented an apartment.  

My plan was to take Spanish classes and travel, delaying the onset of adulthood for a few more months.  I was also nursing my first real heartbreak, so the escape plan seemed foolproof.  I made some good friends right away at the Spanish school, and got a message from a friend I had worked with.  Turns out - we lived just blocks from each other in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires!

Erin was a godsend - much better at Spanish than I was AND she also had the need to move and see more of the country.  So we did.  

Argentina is a huge, geographically diverse country much like the US.  The different states and cities within Argentina are as varied as the US.  My most favorite trip we took was to Mendoza - the Argentinian wine country.  Erin and I decided to "splurge" and had a private driver take us to several vineyards, for $100 US Dollars total each.  We felt like queens.

Also while in Mendoza, we found a place that we could ride horses.  Though the Andes Mountains.  My horse was name ComeColas which gave us endless giggles - the name literally means Eats Tails.  

As one does in Argentina, we treated ourselves to endless steak and red wine throughout all our trips.  I love steak.  And this was the best I've still ever had.

Erin had to work a little harder for me to join her in Bariloche - the mountainous ski area of Argentina.  Not one for being cold, and having only skied twice in my life, I chose not to partake in the skiing, as I like to have my legs unbroken.  Erin is from Colorado, so she was right at home in the high altitude.  For me, the altitude quite literally took my breath away.  On our gorgeous hike, I felt light headed and had to snack!  I was most excited by the beautiful boots I got (and still wear) and the touristy St. Bernards!

We also took a weekend trip to Punta del Este, Uruguay.  If you've never ridden four-wheelers through a sleepy city, you haven't lived.