Friday Favorites - TRAVEL EDITION: Carry-On Must Haves

Happy Friday!  

I've got some super fun travel going on and coming up, so I thought I would share my MUST HAVES for travel!  

First and foremost, I try to carry-on instead of check a bag unless I absolutely can't.  I know some people hate lugging their baggage through an airport, but I loathe standing and waiting for my bags.  

I have been a fan of Antler's hard side luggage for 6 years now.  I got my first set after the baggage department at LAX murdered my "semi-hardside" luggage and I've been a believer ever since.  My first set is hot pink.  I just treated myself to some new ones - the Juno in Teal is my jam.  I used it today on my flight and several people stopped me to ask me what brand it was because the teal is such a great color.  I've also been obsessed with most of the Flight001 line for a while now, and this underwear sorter is always in my bag.  You stock it with clean undergarments on one side and as you wear them, you put them in the "dirty" side.  Amaze.  I've had the lay-n-go makeup bag for a while and love this cheap version from Forever21.  Another Flight001 product has made its way into my essentials: the jewelry case.  So much easier to travel.  

Finally, my beauty arsenal:  the travel size Garnier Micellar Water can be found at most drug stores (and my personal haven Target).  The vented Wet Brush goes everywhere with me.  Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser comes in the perfect travel size and smells like heaven.  And of course, the thing that keeps my life together: Dry Shampoo.  Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo has beat the crap out of everything I've tried!  

My Carry-On Essentials

I included the larger version of the Antler too - for those times you MUST check a bag. ;)

XO for now - It is Harry Potter World time tomorrow!!  Look for the next Travel Edition: My On The Plane Must Haves! 

PS - Know what the BEST accessory for travel is?  A great companion.  Check out mine for the weekend: